• The Rise Star Fishing game has these catches that will allow the fisher to catch during their adventures across Second Life.
  • You do not need specific Fishing Points to catch any type of fish - that will be unnecessary. But, higher Fishing Points gives you a higher Fishing level, which leads to:
  • Can you catch all 393 fish? Owners can set payouts from x1 - x11 of the catch value.
  • This table is incomplete - it will be updated and completed when the Star Fishing beta is completed.

Info for Players

  • Fishing Points are gained by the conversion rate L$0.01 (fish value) = 1 FP
  • Fish Event Multipliers only apply to the base value of each catch. (see next line for Fishing Points Gain)
  • Global Multiplier events spun from the Star Destiny Wheel can enable double or triple Fishing Points for 1 hour.
  • Reaching Level 25 requires the Expert Rod. Reaching Level 50 requires the Master Rod. You can use the Master Rod from levels 1 - 50 if you desire.
  • See Rise Star Fishing/Leveling Chart for the Level 1-100 table.
  • Having Nightcrawler bait (30 second base cast) is strongly recommended for event buoys so you can catch more during a high paying event!
  • Maximum fish you can catch in a single buoy is 50 at one time.

Info For Owners

  • Set Payout rate by clicking the buoy and select the option "Multiplier / Payout" and you can choose between 1x (Normal) to 11x (Max).
  • Use this table to get familiar with what you need in order to host an event.
  • You can also turn off and on buoys when you want to use the funds inside your buoy.
  • Funds are held secure until players claim money from the buoys through fishing.

Key Info

  • Name of Fish refers to the name of the Fish (when caught)
  • Base Star Points is the base value (at 0.01 = 1 Fishing Points) per catch, not counting Global Multipliers
  • Base Value is the base value of the catch (at a x1 buoy) - for anything x2-x11 simply multiply the value of the fish by that number.

Rarity Info

  • Very Common - Likely a catch you will get when fishing.
  • Common - Will usually catch this often when fishing.
  • Uncommon - Sometimes a catch you will get when fishing.
  • Rare - A catch you get when fishing every so often.
  • Mythical / Very Rare - A catch you can get that is worth a lot.

Fish Payout Table

Rise Star Fishing Payout Table
Name of Fish Catch Value  Point Value Rarity
African lungfish L$0.14 14 Fish Points Common
Airsac catfish L$0.70 70 Fish Points Rare
Albacore L$0.15 15 Fish Points Common
Algae eater L$0.16 16 Fish Points Uncommon
Alival Angelfish L$1.50 150 Fish Points Mythical
Alphaville fish L$1.10 110 Fish Points Mythical
Amethyst silky L$0.45 45 Fish Points Rare
Amur pike L$0.23 23 Fish Points Uncommon
Anchovy L$0.15 15 Fish Points Common
Angelic fish L$0.59 59 Fish Points Rare
Angler L$0.28 28 Fish Points Uncommon
Arapaima L$0.42 42 Fish Points Rare
Archerfish L$0.05 5 Fish Points Very Common
Arctic char L$0.32 32 Fish Points Uncommon
Armorhead L$0.17 17 Fish Points Common
Arowana L$0.48 48 Fish Points Rare
Ayu L$0.24 24 Fish Points Uncommon
Baby kraken
Baby sea turtle
Bag of coffee beans
Bag of coins
Bala shark
Barbel steed
Barred knifejaw
Battery Fish
Beaked salmon
Big Barnacle Ben
Black bass
Black lizardfish
Black swallower


Blue eye
Blue shark
Bluefin tuna
Boiling lobster
Bottle of Moonshine
Burma danio
Camseen fish

Rise Star References List

  • Some fish catches reference various people or things in Second Life - they earned it through their hard work and appreciation towards Rise Star Gaming ,plus a couple were named after friends who have been around for a long time.

Second Life Avatars

  • Neko catfish - Neko Gearz - Owner of sim: Hell / One of the Highest Supporters of Rise
  • Starshine fish - Tyra Starshine (TyraJones) - Owner of sim: Broken Dreams / Supporter of Rise
  • Angelic fish - Angelica Ragged / Angelic Direwych - Escapees of other games / Players of Rise
  • Lavender fish - Janice Lavender - First Star Fishing Event Spin honorable spinner / Supporter of Rise
  • Dastardly fish - Dark Dastardly - Club Heaven owner / Awesome Friend / Supporter of Rise
  • Trappen fish - Nicole Trappen - Rise Star Gaming Group Moderator
  • Foxtrot catfish - Katarina Foxtrot - Owner of sim: Kat's Eyel / Supporter of Rise / Awesome Friend
  • Gear gar - Geargemeele Resident - Fallen Hero of Rise / Former Vice President of Rise Star Gaming
  • Camseen fish - kamseen Resident - Dynasty Gaming Champion / Supporter of Rise
  • More to list soon

Object References

  • Coming Soon