The Foundation of RISE Gaming Association - March 2012

Founded in March 2012, this company has the intentions of creating a game that does not have the same issues that other games - who have come and gone because of their costs and dishonesty. So now comes RISE Gaming Association - a team of friends who have been banned from a different game because "intentional defamation" has led us through the tough era that we once called "our darkest moments" in Second Life.

One thing we know for a fact; if greed makes you change products for the game owners benefit, you should get out. I (Warden Stillwater) have 5 friends - major game place owners, all trustworthy and credible - because they would not change rewards on their players. By promoting them to want to play more they make the dull blade of gaming come to life.

And that is what RISE is meant to do. Stop fraud from getting gaming banned because of one's actions and resurrect the true meaning of gaming, because we have seen a lot of fraudulent company operators in Second Life, and they are the sources why gaming is getting closer to its ban.

It's all a matter of time until this does happen. RISE Gaming Association will end all this soon. (see The Future of RISE).

The Blood Crusade - April 2012

The Blood Crusade was formed in April 2012, with the intention of saving Gridwide Gaming. Supported by over 20+ friends, who then continued a campaign to end fraudulent gaming companies, it grew to over 50+ supporters over the month. Led by several members of the resistance, our goal is to stop LL from banning Gridwide Gaming from happening because we want to show LL that we do not take money and run off with it or cause dirty tactics like it either, because we want to save the community and not crumble it with our overpriced stuff or tactics that do not help community or landowners alike. And we also plan on making it far more affordable for landowners - do remember that they pay tens of thousands a month to keep the games running, and having it affordable helps landowners.

Gridwide Gaming To Be Saved - May 2012

And it had to happen on that day...

It was May 19, 2012 - the day that we all left and disbanded the Blood Crusade.

It was also the same day the defamation attacks continued, and thus we decided to counterattack with RISE Gaming Association. Gridwide Gaming will be saved, and we will keep everyone as happy as possible to keep everyone influenced within every others.

And those of those other games, such as 7Seas, and Bleta, will receive some help from RISE - because when we care about others... we do not lie about that - we will keep our promises and not just help ourselves, we are to prove that with Gridwide Gaming, we would all work together as a united force, and stop greed from destroying friendships or people's motives for spying, and other methods that do not work out.

Saving one person, one day at a time. That is how we at RISE prove our might within and to develop social interaction with each other. And money is the root of all evil in some cases. That is true. Some people need to learn to manage funds better.

I, Warden Stillwater never came to SL to make a RL living off of SL income, that is impossible and we know it. I do not mind making a little bit of RL cash, but I do not seek an RL gain and neither do any of my staff members. SL was not a game where you could make an RL living off of a virtual world, it is meant to help a little.

There is still more to write in the RISE History Handbook for those who are curious, by the way.

Pole Fashions, The Headquarters - May/June 2012

Pole Fashions started as a clothing chain of stores ranging from a mainland coastal estate, to a full, private island sim. What RISE Gaming Association decided was also that the Pole Fashions main sim, which is Litas (the name of the sim) we are on, people can see that we are trying to develop a sense of gridwide gaming.

Historically speaking, only a group of people have seen that we are trying to develop a future of gridwide gaming, and not to make something for our own personal gain.

The concept of gridwide gaming, when combined with different types of gaming, will make the grid feel more "born" and that greed (and lying) will be stopping, because a majority of game place owners are under the influence of greed, and cut a number of rewards because they expect a lot of profit instead of dealing with Player Interest.

There is still a lot to write in the RISE History timeline, keep watching this page with more information towards how we at RISE Gaming Association (founded in March 2012) came to become to who we are in Second Life.

The Beta Testing of Star Games - June 2012

To many people it sounded like Star Games (RISE Gaming Association) kept getting delayed. First it was posted to be in Mid-June 2012, then delayed to end of June. Now according to our outside sources, we believe that we are to start our beta test, and release products (and remove the beta tag) after a couple days.

Unlike others who keep the beta test always going, I don't think tagging a product a "beta test" for many years sounds very professional. As part of our agreement to keeping our customers happy, I am definitely willing to answer any questions for either customers, players, or shareholders (if we enter Capital Exchange) as a whole.

Many people believe it was not possible.

Only I was telling the truth. It is possible to believe in a greater future of gaming.

And variety... trust me...

is way better then just a simple game with barely any incentives or rewards.

Public Unveiling of Star Games - July 2012

We were building the group a piece at a time... and so it led to a greater era. With what we did to how we manage the items, made us feel a lot better when we launched our game, because we wanted them to feel good and happy. Originally we were to make our products for landowners:

No Copy / No Modify / Transfer

Now, on July 4th, 2012, we changed that, and slightly raised the prices, but now the perms will read:

Copy / No Modify / No Transfer

July 6th, 2012 was the Beta Testing.

The Introduction To Gaming - July 2012

On the beta test we have had seen a tremendous success with player feedback and landowner feedback. I was seeing a huge growth in the RISE Social Group, and many more. With more teasers, drew more attention from my rivals over in the other game. Players resisted and we resisted against the threats that were drawing the attention.

With our release nearing, many more saw today's HUD (Heads-Up Display) on the beta test.

On July 18th, 2012, we concluded the Beta Test with huge success and me and my team worked into high gear to get us out there as a gridwide game, something that is fun and more exciting to all to see.

Star Players Were Formed - October 2012

In the start of October 2012, Rise Gaming Association changed their name to Rise Star Gaming - "Helping Newcomers, and Old Timers, make cash".

This new slogan created the term "Star Players" and "Star Hunters", as well as the upcoming "Star Fishers" title when Star Fishing becomes released in the coming days.

The Blood Letter - November 2012

*note this section has some relevance to the Blood Crusade *

Dear Blood Crusaders,

It's been more then seven months since the beginning of the Crusade against gridwide scammers on the grid. We've fought vigilantly and shown our players how much we have done towards making a game be worth more then it's supposed to be. A game that is intended to "help players" make money, is not a game that should always be subject to negative changes which causes landowners and players to leave. It should only be something that is absolutely necessary, not something that makes the player and landowner pay a lot towards the creators, if the creator doesn't decide to pay back any of their earnings. It just doesn't sound right having creators always get a lot of money for their own gain, and not give back, like Warden does.

As for Rise Star Gaming's 4th month anniversary on November 25th, we need to prepare ourselves for Star Fishing... and the future of gaming within. Whether its Star Hunting, Star Fishing, or the return of White Spade gaming, there always will be something that will continue to bring people back toward gaming in Second Life.

Always the way it should be. It should never be something that hurts people, usually.

Warden Stillwater

Rise Star Gaming Owner

The Beta of Star Fishing - December 2012/January 2013

So the beta of Rise Star Fishing is coming very soon.

I felt with the start of a new era of fishing, people will want others to follow too.

The point is people want to enjoy a game that everyone wants, and I want to deliver that to make people feel great, since it will keep players and landowners to prepare themselves.

Without either, and with the success of Rise Star Hunting, I am sure Star Fishing will succeed as well.

Update - 12/29/2012

  • A way to prove players and landowners are liking our service is through the use of feedback questions through live Rise Star Gaming chat. Over the next couple of days I will be collecting feedback of various topics and things to prove that we take care of our people, instead of taking your money and running with it.
  • All the work put into Star Fishing will pay off. I will continue writing the fishing list over the next couple of days...

The Future of Rise - February 2013

First off I wanted to say, my goodness do I have a good legacy born. Rise Star Fishing is my legacy. Did I want someone to bring people back? Yes. Did I want people to enjoy what I do best? Yes. With Warden's touch of extreme generosity? Also yes.

There will always be someone who is making us enjoy the fun and excitement that gaming gives to people. Sometimes, it only takes people the want of those rare prizes such as the Event spins (for Star Fishing) and more.

Why you ask? Because the group is a way so you can talk to me even when I am not available in-world. People like me for that reason. Steam continues to grow that way too, because other games make the world go round...

The Green Gunk of Goodness (December 2013)

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Gunking Is Too Fun (February 2014)

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The Dunk Drop, And A New Lever (April 2014)

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Flushing Was Invented (May 2014)

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Flushed Away! (June 2014)

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The Final Curfew (July 2014)

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The End of the Rise Stars (December 2014)

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Warden's Final Farewell to the Rise Stars (February 2015)

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The Birth of the Seasonal Wardens (April 2015)

Has not even happened yet

The Twitch Stream (2015)

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