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  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Owner of Rise Star Gaming
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  • Wardenstillwater

    Because I figured hunting could have been expanded, we have been working on a number of new features...

    There are a lineup of ideas such as a:

    Leveling system

    Loot bags (extra money)

    A daily and weekly hunter jackpot

    The "Star Destiny Wheel"

    Cheaper prices and more variety

    Lots more color

    Lots more action

    Good teamwork game

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  • Wardenstillwater

    I feel that I should begin writing a blog here in the RISE Gaming Wiki - the source and home to the newest gridwide gaming in the grid of Second Life. Recently, in the last 45 days, we have seen a variation of scams and issues throughout the grid, and we are here to put an end to scams and ripoff schemes in order for people to be happy and not be skeptical about things like this.

    Fairly priced as it is, we want landowners who host our game to have a good time, and our players who come bring more players, and start off a new career as a Star Player of RISE Gaming Association. I feel that a lot of success will come with this project, and we want to show that we are not greedy people, like the 95% of people in Second Life, because they would n…

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